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 First Recruitment Drive Event?

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First Recruitment Drive Event? Empty
PostSubject: First Recruitment Drive Event?   First Recruitment Drive Event? I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 07, 2010 6:03 pm

As you guys know on the 14th of February it clashes with both Valentine's Day and for some of us Chinese New Year which is better known as the Lunar New Year. Being a new and small clan, I was thinking of an event based on recruiting more people and at the same time include clan bonding. So here are some suggestions that I have:

Chinese New Year

1. Normally the tradition in Chinese New Year is the giving of prosperity and wealth symbolized by the giving of red packets which contain money. Due to Runescape's relaxed trading, I would give runescape gold. I need suggestions for it though. Should I do this? And how should I do this if the answer is yes? There are two ways that I thought of. The first one being a referal to join us as an official clan member, the person who reffered would get the credit or the second one is to just reward all those who joined us as an official member.

2. Since Chinese New Year is often celebrated by reunion dinners, how about a mass party celebration or clan wars or pking trips?

Any other suggestions?

Valentine's Day

1. Hmm this one I'm not too sure about and need suggestions if we are going to have a valentines day themed event. I'm not sure about this but maybe I'll write a love poem dedicated to that person? I don't think that this would appeal to guys tho lol

Btw all suggestions are welcomed and I hope that you all would be able to make this event possible.

Love you guys! Wishing you a fresh new awesome year ahead!

Hmm I wonder will I get a valentine date this year?...
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First Recruitment Drive Event?
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